cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation


The main goal of REPLICATE is to stimulate and support collaborative creativity for everyone - anywhere and anytime (ubiquitous co-creativity). To achieve this goal, the project is addressing the constraints that currently complicate the process of content creation and collaborative co-creation. The ever more powerful performance and ubiquity of Smartphones and Tablets combined with the increasing speed of data networks now enable the creation and re-purposing of digital assets through collaborative user participation. Social platforms, immersive games and MR technologies reinforce such developments as ‘attractive’ and user acceptance is thereby delivering strong potential to engage with mass market digital citizens. REPLICATE will build upon leading research into the use of Smartphones and their sensors to deliver a robust image-based 3D reconstruction of objects and their surroundings via highly visual, tactile and haptic user interfaces. In order to deliver real-time, interactive tools for high-quality 3D digital asset production, the project will balance device-based vs. cloud-based computational loading, rather than simply replacing regular computers with mobile devices. In this way, REPLICATE will enable all digitally engaged citizens to take part in the creative process - anywhere and anytime. REPLICATE will provide a seamless user experience from the capture of real-world objects through modification and refinement to completion via a co-creative MR workspace to model re-purposed and novel digital creative content or physical objects via rapid prototyping.


REPLICATE has assembled a team of research institutions, SMEs and intermediaries involved in emerging technologies for creative digital representation of real world.


REPLICATE aims to use Smartphones and their sensors to deliver 3D reconstruction of objects and their surroundings via visual, tactile and haptic user interfaces.


REPLICATE will provide intuitive mobile Apps and software platforms for co-creation and collaboration among creative people, stimulating crowd-sourcing experience.


REPLICATE started in January 2016, and will deliver its final outputs in December 2018.


REPLICATE aims to stimulate European Creative Industries in exploring new ways of communication and sharing of ideas and assets creation.


REPLICATE will employ emerging mobile devices for the development of a ubiquitous and intuitive platform to create real-world-derived digital assets, implemented in a cooperative environment where human inspiration can be harnessed utilizing Augmented Reality/MR/VR.


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